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How and What to Measure on Social Media

How and What to Measure on Social Media   Are you effectively measuring your social media ROI? More than 60% of marketers say that measuring ROI is their main challenge when it comes to social media marketing. Social media marketing is a fantastic (and cost-effective)...

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Facebook Newsfeed Changes

    Facebook Newsfeed Changes: What Do They Really Mean   Just when you thought organic post reach on Facebook couldn't get any worse. Find out the recent changes to Facebook news feeds and why they organic reach even harder. Organic reach has declined significantly...

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Build the Perfect Facebook Audience For Your Ads

    Facebook’s Audience Insights can tell you a great deal about the users that follow your Page and interact with your content. You can use Audience Insights to understand different groups of Facebook users, including your entire list of followers or specific groups...

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4 Ways to Jazz Up Your Ad Copy

What makes you read a blog post or article or email? Interesting stats? A clever catch-phrase? An attention-grabbing headline? All of those things can pique your interest, but they won’t keep your eyes on the page. For that, you need a story. As a coach or service...

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Boost Your Sales With This One Tip

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard that its much easier to sell a current customer than to earn a new one, so don’t ignore those have already expressed trust in you. You’ve built your optimized campaign and you’re starting to see a steady stream of clients rolling in....

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The Truth Behind Why Most Facebook Ad Campaigns Fail

The Truth Behind Why Most Facebook Ad Campaigns Fail   Does it feel like everyone is making a killing with Facebook ads except you?  If your Facebook newsfeed looks anything like mine, you’ll know that Facebook advertising is HOT! But you say you’ve tried ads and they...

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